Sunday, 24 July 2011

Get Ready for Battlefield 3

October 25th is the day for all the gamers to experience the most electrifying journey as the elite U.S. Marines in the Battlefield 3. Thisinteractive modern combatgame, developed by EA and DICE, is aimed to outshinethe charisma of rival Call of Duty. That is why battlefield 3 release date has been set before COD: Modern Warfare 3,which is now expected to be out on November 8th, 2011.
Get Ready for Battlefield 3
This first-person shooter game exhibits a combination of single, multiplayer and cooperative modes with maps set on the streets and different areas of Paris, New York, Tehran, Oman, Sarajevo, Wake Island and Sulaymaniyah. The main plot shows the chaotic year of 2014, where the U.S Marines are handed an early mission along the Iran-Iraq border. The game, even though a sequel of Battlefield 2, is not really related to its previous games in terms of characters. So overall, it’s a whole new experience in its own engaging way.
The developers have focused mainly on PC (Microsoft Windows) as the main platform for this game, but it will also be available on PS3 and Xbox 360. The battlefield 3 game features more advanced graphics, dense audio and realistically destructible ground, thanks to the newer game engine Frostbite 2.There’s also a new character animation technology used in the game called ANT that will ensure the creation of more lifelike soldiers with abilities to perform their duties in a convincing manner.
Ready for Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3 at E3 2011
Recently, the developers revealed many interesting facts about this upcoming game in theE3 2011 event, held on June 7-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Some of the key facts were:
  • The players will be able to customize dog tags.
  • There will be three game modes namely Rush, Conquest and Team  Deathmatch.
  • There will be a health bar again with the regenerating health, of course.
  • There will be four members in a squad with one leader.
  • There will be a new feature called ‘suppressing fire’ feature, which will bur and darken the screens of a suppressed player.
Besides, there were a lot of other information about the player capabilities and weapons in the game. But, one of the most interesting things was that the president of EA Games hinted about the game being released on the newly introduced Wii U console in 2012 as well.
It seems pretty obvious that the developers are working really hard and spending billions in the advertising to make battlefield 3 as desired as the Call of Duty games have been all these years. The company, therefore, is doing everything to keep people updated about the game until its final release. For the same reason, they have also started a blog called Battleblogin which they talk about anything from their gaming philosophy to the four classes (Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon)found in multiplayer mode. They have posted two blogs so far, and intend to update it every week till the release of this game. If you want to make yourself familiar with all the tactics and skills, then this blog series is a must read.
Battlefield 3 Beta
EA Games is also giving a special access to try the Battlefield 3 beta, to those who already own a Medal of Honor limited edition. The company will send invitations to all the Medal of Honor limited edition owners within 12 months’ time after the release of MoH. It is going to be limited time offer and will expire upon closure of the beta events. There are some other requirements that you must also meet in order to enjoy thecombat before others.
For now, that’s all we have got for you about this mesmerizing game which needs a little more wait and then we’ll certainly be writing some interesting Battlefield 3 reviews following its release in October. Till then, stay tuned!


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AMD Radeon 6000 specs
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AMD Radeon 6000 series release and price
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AMD Radeon 6000 series summary
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